Top 9 Best Unicycle Beginners Will Love in 2020

For sports junkies and experience seekers, surely, learning to ride the unicycle is not something you would want to pass up. 

But before jumping in on this trend, as a beginner, it is vital that you buy the right unicycle so that you do not injure yourself and so that you can learn the ropes more easily. 

We understand that finding the best unicycle for you can get a little overwhelming as the market carries a bunch of options. But, lucky for you, we have gone ahead and curated a list of the best unicycles for beginners so you don’t have to.

Overview Of The Best Unicycle For Beginners

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1. Sun Unicycle Flat Top (24-Inch Wheel)

Enjoy a smooth ride with this sturdy 24-inch unicycle. This unicycle is very durable and has passed the fall test. The lightweight anodized alloy wheels and wide tires are perfect for beginners.

You can also expect a durable sealed bearing hub, a saddle with a front and rear scuff guards, and a secure seat post clamp. 

One thing to note though is that since this is a 24-inch wheel, this unicycle will most likely be appreciated more by tall people. Also, keep in mind that a 30-inch inseam is recommended for the best user experience.

The overall quality of this unicycle is excellent and will be appreciated by beginners and experts alike.

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2. Avenir Deluxe Unicycle (20-Inch Wheel)

This 20-inch unicycle is the ultimate starter unicycle for beginners. Quality and a decent price point are the best things about this unicycle.

The adjustable seat height and well-shaped cushioned seat with scuff-guard protection is a great feature as you can enjoy great comfort even when you are practicing for hours.

While the price may make you question the quality of this unicycle, you will find that the chrome-plated steel frame is very sturdy and well-designed. The pedals are plastic but are thick and durable. You can also immediately start practicing as this unicycle is easy to assemble.

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3. Torker Unistar CX Unicycle (20-Inch Wheel)

Every beginner will surely love this unicycle from the brand Torker. If you are just starting out with this sport, this is the ideal unicycle that will give you your money’s worth.

This unicycle was designed specifically for first-timers. It comes with a sturdy seat, the size of the wheel is perfect in helping a beginner get the hang of riding a unicycle.

And the overall built and the quality of components of this unicycle is praised for being durable as it can withstand multiple beatings during a beginner’s learning phase.

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4. Fun Unicycle with Alloy Rim (20-Inch Wheel)

If you are looking for a basic unicycle that is good and effective, then you can’t go wrong with the brand Fun. They never fail to create unicycles that are inexpensive yet durable. 

This unicycle is perfect for first-time unicyclists to casual riders. It has an aluminum alloy rim that is paired to a wide, high-quality Kenda tire. High-quality cartridge bearings for smooth pedaling.

The seat post comes with a quick-release seat post clamp to let you adjust the saddle easily. The frame is available in black, blue, chrome and red.

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5. Nimbus II (20-Inch Wheel)

If you are itching for a smooth ride and you don’t mind sparing a few extra bucks more, then, this is the one for you. Even as a novice, you can tell that this modern unicycle is built with top-class quality that is guaranteed to last.

The frame is lightweight and is made of aluminum. The seat post is chromed steel. The width of the tire helps make the whole unicycle more stable without too much resistance making it perfect for beginners.

The saddle is equipped with a front lift handle as well as a back lift handle for extra support. Overall, you can expect great things from this unicycle.

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6. Club Unicycle (24-Inch Wheel)

This is one of the greatest entry-level unicycles available in the market. This product is durable enough to withstand multiple crashes while you are still learning.

The product is made of aluminum and steel, it’s designed with a single-walled rim, the saddle is a standard unicycle design. You will also find that this unicycle is quite easy to assemble.

The 24-inch wheel may be a bit challenging to some beginners especially those who are on the shorter side, but surely, after a few practices, you’ll be able to appreciate the efficiency that the size of the wheel brings. 

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7. Fun Unicycle with Alloy Rim (16-Inch Wheel)

The 16-inch wheel of this unicycle makes it less challenging to balance compared to bigger sized wheels, making it perfect for someone who is just starting out learning how to ride one.

The construction is simple and the plastic pedals may be a drawback, but then again this unicycle is really just perfect for those who are still trying to learn the ropes of riding a unicycle.

Just like the Fun unicycle 20-inch wheel version, you can look forward to the adjustable seat post, aluminum alloy rim, Kenda tire and cartridge bearing that ensures a smooth, comfortable ride. You can also enjoy buying the color that you prefer as this unicycle is available in chrome and in red. 

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8. Nimbus II (24-Inch Wheel)

For beginners who are just blessed with athletic prowess and are confident about it, you will surely like giving this unicycle up for a spin. The built of this unicycle is very solid and durable enough to keep up with you.

This product has a double-walled rim, aluminum frame, and the saddle is equipped with a front lift handle.

This unicycle can be enjoyed by beginners and intermediate level riders. It is great for general-purpose riding, so once you’ve mastered the basics of riding a unicycle you can use this for long-distance riding. You’ll immediately appreciate how nicely balanced and smooth your ride is with this unicycle.

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9. Sun Classic Unicycle (24-Inch Wheel)

This is the unicycle that will help you learn how to balance and boost your concentration effectively. You will also be pleased to know that this unicycle is affordable yet the quality is not compromised.

It has a lightweight steel frame that is durable, a saddle that is designed with a built-in scuff guard that can handle the impact of falling, a seat post that can be easily adjusted with a quick-release seat clamp and the whole product is fairly easy to assemble.

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What To Look For – Beginners Guide To Unicycles

Learning to ride a unicycle will require a lot of practice and patience. It will also help if you buy one that is more suited for beginners instead of the more advanced ones immediately even if you think you have the talents for it. 

Here is a guide to help you understand how to choose a unicycle that is perfect for you.

Size Of The Wheel

The size of the wheel matters greatly in a unicycle. Smaller wheels tend to limit your speed making you work harder. But, they are more agile and are easier to maneuver.

Plus, they make mounting and dismounting easier. Larger sized wheels are more challenging to control but they are faster and are great for distance riding.

The bigger the wheel the more challenging it is for beginners to learn how to balance. A 20-inch wheel is the most popular size for learning but, a wheel size of 16”- 24” is best recommended for beginners because the height of the user should be considered as well. The taller you are, the larger your wheel should be. 

Inseams can also help determine the right type of wheel size for you. An inseam of 23” – 27” should use a 20-inch wheel, and a 24-inch wheel for inseams greater than 27”.

Wide Tires

Wider tires are great for beginners as they can give you more support thus, are great at keeping your balance.

They are less maneuverable but they are great at helping you get the hang of riding a unicycle and it can keep you seated in your unicycle even if you encountered a few bumps on the road. 


A unicycle made of steel will be strong but it will also make the unicycle heavy, so titanium or aluminum would be the best choice here. As with anything that will be used outdoors, materials used should be able to withstand any kind of weather, if not, it should be coated for protection.

The Seat Or Saddle

Ensuring that your unicycle has a comfortable seat is something you will surely be thankful for. You will be practicing with your unicycle for hours on end and an uncomfortable seat will not help you improve.

Look for a seat with enough foam and a handle if possible to make things easier for you. 


Plastic pedals are usually the norm with most unicycles. They do tend to break easily if they receive a lot of heavy impacts. Try to look for one which is made out of thick plastic or even better if it is made of metal so you can guarantee it won’t break easily. But if they did break, not to worry, because pedals are easy to replace.

You also want to make sure that your feet fit nicely on the platform without slipping off. Look for a pedal with a nice grip so that your feet won’t move off the pedal even when wet.

Quick Safety Tips

  • Be cool and wear your safety gears. This includes a helmet, shin pads, and knee pads. 
  •  Also consider wearing a wrist guard and a pair of gloves for extra protection.
  • Watch your footwear. Sneakers are more preferable than sandals so that your feet won’t slip off of the pedal.
  • Try practicing next to a wall first. Once you learned how to balance, move on to a place where the ground is level.
  • Don’t rush and just take your time. 

Hop-On Board And Join The Fun

Unicycles are not just a unique piece of relic from the past nor a tool clowns use for their stunts. Unicycles are a great tool to have if you want to learn a new sport and strengthen your muscles.

Unicycles have also proven to be great at challenging you and testing your balance and coordination. They are also more convenient to store than bicycles.

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